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Bittersweet Existence is the brain child of a Baltimore native and D.C. transplant Ran Kailie. With an eye for natures beauty, and for the macabre, her pieces stretch the gambit of beautiful landscapes to horrifying zombies and undead nightmares.

So please stay, take a walk through the landscape of my mind and enjoy the bits and pieces I offer here for your viewing (dis)pleasure. If you find any artwork you like, please feel free to let me know, or maybe even purchase a copy for yourself. And if you're in the market for a web design please by all means contact me for more information.

Looking to revision your website? We can help! Bittersweet Existence provides professional services for website design and development. We can handle all aspects of your site design from a brand new unique style, to creating dynamic websites in php and coldfusion. We can even assist you in procuring web hosting, setting up your website and provide maintenance to the site as needed.

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